World of Tanks


Have you ever dreamt of being a tank commander? Here's your chance - this is the best tank simulator and it's available for free and in multiplayer.

World of Tanks will take you to the times of the first armoured vehicles and will let you experience combat first-hand. Don't be afraid, whether you are a vet or a greenhorn you will learn quickly. Thanks to its well-balanced reward system you will not spend a penny to develop your arsena

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World of Warplanes


Pilot one of the most famous fighters of the WWII and become a fighter ace! Prove to everyone that dog fighting is all about skill and not luck!

Or maybe you'd prefer to sit in a cockpit of a bomber? That's also possible in the World of Warplanes! From the developer, World of Warplanes is the best combat flight simulator and enables free multiplayer for players around the world. Thanks to your skills, you will acquire new equipment and fighters. Worry not however, here no one will charge you for better planes, the only thing that counts here is your skill.

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World of Warships


The Battle of Midway is one of the best examples of how important strategy is in warfare. Were you also annoyed by all the mistakes of the Japanese side?

Here is your chance to change the course of history! Become a navy commander, stand at the helm of a destroyer or an aircraft carrier and prove that you are a better strategist than Isoroku Yamamoto and others. Gather your friends and as a team conquer the seas!

World of warships is completely free. Only a quick registration stands between you and commanding your vessel on the oceans and seas of the world.